Рекламный ролик (бессрочно, со всеми правами)
This covers the initial work performed, taking live video, or designing custom animated characters to support your brand, and designing the overall feel to be used in your campaigns. You are free to use the initial advertisement created indefinitely.
350,00 € 350.0 EUR
Рекламный ролик (месячная рента)
Our monthly creative plan includes us updating your existing campaigns, and creating new campaigns using material previously captured for live video projects, or our custom created library of animation elements which we have made just for you.
180,00 € 180.0 EUR
Рекламный ролик (еженедельная рента)
The service plan offered is the same as our Monthly plan, however payment is spread into weekly instalments.
50,00 € 50.0 EUR
Практически бесплатный сторибоард
Almost Free Storyboard - Just €1 - Simply order this product and we will be in touch to arrange that you get an almost free story board about your product or brand.
1,00 € 1.0 EUR
8 Social Media Teaser Ads
A series of 8 Social Media teaser ads
250,00 € 250.0 EUR