Ongoing creative plan - weekly basis

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The service plan offered is the same as our Monthly plan, however payment is spread into weekly instalments.

The eagle eyed will notice that we have put up our prices a bit since we launched.  

Yes, we know that we need to update our own advertising video and associated materials, and it's on the list and we'll get it updated shortly. 
If you are one of our early clients, who contracted with us on a monthly agreement for us to produce creative for you, with us providing both video's and stills to support your online and social media presence, you'll have noticed that we've locked your prices, at the level initially agreed, because that's fair.

Animated Ads - because creative is what drives sales - we don't think we're you're "Website and SEO" company & we're certainly not a "Social Media Consultancy" - we're in the business of producing high quality "advertising agency" style creative for use online, using a variety of media formats including live video, animation and stills.